Utterly Humorless

Dear people at the Lebanon, Ohio post office. I can’t imagine what kind of energy it must require to be so utterly humorless. 

I’ve been in post offices all across the US and have never experienced anything so void of joy—oxygen—as the air in that room. Is the onslaught of 3 people in line doing you in? 

Here’s an idea: if a customer (yes, paying customer) tries to pay you a complement or say something nice, even if you deem it trivial, you might want to consider that a civil exchange. We aren’t trying to win your favor. What would that even be–next time we get to cut in line? We really aren’t even interested in being your friends; we just want to do pleasant and polite business. 

Thank you for your expediency. I’m sorry if your life sucks, if your job sucks, if our current administration makes your life miserable. I’d like to articulate all kinds of thoughts, but for now, I’ll just say, “Thank you for being here and for doing your job. I see you. I hope you might smile at some point in the day, even if you dare not let any of us know about it.”