Publications. What a funny thing. What meaning do we give this idea of one’s carefully chosen words being received-blessed-printed by a reputable source? As if these written words are somehow more weighty or more valuable than words penned in correspondence to a friend, or a mother, a son. More credible than a spoken word. 

How might we publish our ability to listen rather than speak?

Perhaps this is not an “either/or” proposition. Aside from being heard and received, isn’t the very point of writing to enter into intimate conversation, ultimately whispering to each reader, “I hear you. I feel with you. I am in this with you. I hope for you”?  

My work has appeared in print countless times across a wide spectrum of genres—mostly in collaboration with brilliant authors and academicians. 

That said, what a great and simple delight it is to discover my words carefully selected and presented in tandem–made all the more meaningful–with gorgeous photography in Bella Grace

I thrill and dance with each publication! Each word is dreamed, honed and crafted for you, dear reader.

I hope you enjoy. And more importantly, may you be inspired to tell your story in whatever form serves it best.