What’s in a Name

The name Donna \d(on)-nais pronounced DAH-nah. It is of Italian origin meaning lady, however, the original connotation is closer to lady of the home, equivalent to the historical title of Don for men (Don Juan).

dona  – though I’ve never been especially fond of my birth name, after learning it’s meaning, I find it remarkably fitting… even for one who pushes hard against the walls of domestic roles in the name of vocation. Restless and driven to lead, I talk too much, risk too much, thrill at adventure, and yet at my core I am still a nurturer. Ah, I love to throw a good party! I always want everyone whom I know and love, to know and love each other. Nothing would make me happier than to bring everyone home.

sofia  – is a name found further up my family tree, passed down from generation to generation. This ancient, yet contemporary name, first known as the bold expression of Lady Wisdom, is birthed in the very heart of God as described with precision in Proverbs 8. Upon closer reading we find perhaps “she” is the expression, or even a mother image of God.

dona sofia  – though my career path includes a number of professional roles, my influence starts (and most likely ends) within the walls of whatever place we call home. So, here it is “mother of the house wisdom,” as best I know thus far: the meeting of the messy and mundane with my lofty daydreams, and contemplations about faith and doubt, about community and courage, about beauty and aging, and always with the hope of being more kind.

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