My Mama

Thank you Mama for 
making me feel
ready to conquer
anything. . .and for
watching over me
until I really could.

In my earliest pages, God was found wherever my mama happened to be. When I had to start leaving her, my days grew dark and uncertain for a time. Then, in the months after running away from home, I was comforted and guided by her words echoing in my soul and by the counsel of Holy Spirit-mother breathing life and rekindling the fire. In university, alma mater (latin for academic mother) taught and guided me. In graduate school and seminary I discovered our historical Ammas–mothers of the faith who showed me the face of God. Finally, one day I would find God, here with me–in me–and discover that I, like my mama, am the reflection of God, I am Mamosta…dona sofia.

Pieces include:

Mama, the Sculptor