My Mama


Becoming Mama


Mamosta – Teacher


Amma – Creator of Home & Community


I dedicate this book to our mothers: strong, vibrant women who birth tiny babes of all kinds whether it be ideas, humans or any other living thing, those who intricately weave beauty and unity from the rough, warriors who protect homes and teach the faith, nurses who serve their communities, save souls and lives, rescue the perishing and care for the dying. May these pages be a tribute to those women who plant seeds, tend the soil, harvest and feed; and make bold those who are just setting out.

I also gift this book to our children collectively, and to my two exclusively. May Cierra and Spencer know God’s faithfulness in setting the stage and womb of their lives even before they entered the scene. How grateful I am for the faith that surrounds us on every side even before we knew. I am thankful for our spiritual parents who prayed into the future for us, blessed us, imagined a better world for us and our future generations, even in the midst of their own victories, missteps and messes. May Kingdom come.

Mama, I have always needed you as confidante, wise friend, nurse, counselor, muse. But now, more than ever, I need you as companion. I want to share your laughter, your tears, and most of all your story. “I am luminous with age,” said Meridel Le Sueur. And so we are.