Quickens the Breath

What quickens the breath, and enlivens the soul…of what are we in danger of losing or at least being too long over due?

Timpani’s, drum lines at parades and football games, waiting for the curtain to rise That first note.

Landing on the tarmac of my son’s home town.

Riding the chair lift up, up, up. Standing at the snow-crusted edge just before dropping in. Sunshine on the pristine white of the Rockies.

A full moon rising. A coyote’s howl in the black of night.

The tug of a fish on the line.

Awaiting the arrival of a baby. The swell of the ocean. Diving into a cool body of water. Rev of the boat’s motor just before being pulled up out of the water.

The arrival of a long-awaited visitor.

Delicious foreplay.

The eve of a new adventure.

What would you add to this list?