Am I a Narcissist?

I enjoy people…who are fun, kind, positive and ready to party.

I will listen to your troubles, offer compassion, an alternative way to see them, maybe a solution, then I want you to go away. You fix it.

I don’t want to get bogged down in your perceived inability or refusal to change.

I want to create. Dream. Make new and meaningful adventures happen.

I want to meet new people and offer generous hospitality…for one hour. 

I hate failing or disappointing others. 

I don’t like small talk. 

I don’t want to edit and clean up your messes. You do it.

I’m not interested in man-made wonders that involve cement rocks or fake grass. 

I don’t like feeling suckered into marketing campaigns. 

I often choose to be alone. 

I find some of my most rewarding moments are those spent writing memoir.

[Every line begins with “I”. I find that telling, don’t you?]