What I NEVER Want to Write About, Part II

This discussion of cleaning is not really about what measures of procrastination we are willing to take in order to stall the exit of this world and enter the imaginary one we actually long to visit (why do we resist what it is we want?); no, in Part I, I merely edged closer to “what I never want to be caught doing, much less writing about.”

My mortification, my pissy attitude, my rant of the day is… not about dusting, vacuuming or cleaning bathroom… nay, not in anticipation of friends ringing the doorbell or in preparation for a party or visiting company. I actually get a kick out of cleaning then; I accomplish what I’ve put off far too long and its with a tangible purpose and reward—to make our guests comfortable, and FUN. Yes, I love scurrying about with a dust rag and vacuum then.

The boring topic that steals time from my writing and creativity and makes my mind numb and crabby, that of which I don’t want to ever be caught doing let alone writing about, is dusting and cleaning toilets for… potential home buyers, real estate agents, investors. Can I hear an “Amen!”? Am I alone in this?

Selling a house is meant to be a short hellish season once or twice in one’s life (like being engaged), not an ongoing lifestyle! I am preaching to the choir and confessing and ruminating and fuming all at once. We (my husband and I) have been sucked into the lure of house selling mania.

What HGTV does not show us is the grating loneliness of it all that house flipping and swapping and beautification. We’ve become players on a stage not to share life with friends or even with the neighbors–they are accepting and nice—or we wouldn’t be friends with them. They come to see us, and share life in whatever we are doing. We don’t feel the need to impress them–no staging required. No, we posture to appear more than we are: more together, more organized, more wealthy, more happy and dust free, only to make a sale.

And I hate it. I’m outraged. Over it. Done.

Nothing takes more energy and time and kills creativity like staging a house. I’m having friends over, doggone it, and if a buyer happens along, great! Celebrating life is messy and amazing, the house can be staged when we go out of town…or after I’ve finished my book.

Do you have tips or strategies to share about staying sane and creative, AND neighborly (!) while staging a house for sale?