Book Review: How to Be Interesting, by Jessica Hagy

In what appears to be a fun little gift book to leave lying around one’s condo or office for an occasional bit of inspiration, in  How To Be Interesting,Jessica Hagy brilliantly doodles and diagrams ageless wisdom–not for finding an interesting life, but for being an interesting person.

The book’s simplicity is at first misleading and had I not recognized my twenty-something daughter’s approach to living in its pages, I may not have taken it as seriously as I did. I count my lucky stars that I couldn’t resist sharing bits of Hagy’s wisdom with Cierra and in so doing discovering my own stuck places.

What began as a short reflection has since became a daily rumination, guided by Jessica Hagy’s charted course. I invite you to buy the book, How To Be Interesting, and to journey along with me–in what has since become a mini blog series–of learning what it means “to live at the intersection of wonder, awe, and curiosity.” Thank you, Jessica Hagy!