52 Days of Vaca

The way I see it, God gave us 52 vacation days a year. And we say, “Gee thanks, but we’ll take a pass.” And now God has said, I have an idea. How about a prolonged Sabbath for rest, family, resetting, stepping back and realigning. I guess the question now is how will we respond?

My prayer is that you will find Perfect Love in this time of solitude, silence, and simplicity. May we all discover again what matters and what are the unnecessary, incessant demands we no longer want to keep.

I’m hearing from friends that I’ve long missed. My housemates are loving me in ways that I probably could not have accepted even though they offered me these generosities in months past. We are being more creative and quiet, more reflective and more patient.

Will you join me in guarding the fire within, and making space to meet those who will soon need acute care and kindness after discovering they or someone they love are holding a losing hand?

You may enjoy reading a brief but profound book, The Way of the Heart by Henri J.M. Nouwen