Faith like a Dream

Some of the richest treasures of friendship are words chosen with great care, punctuated with careful pause or restful silence. Frederick Buechner is one I turn to again and again for his brilliant art of both the pause and cadence of the written word. During this time when we are all rethinking our futures, may this snippet of Buechner’s prose be a gift of friendship to you:

“Faith is like a dream in which the clouds open to show such riches ready to drop upon us that when we wake into the reality of nothing more than common sense, we cry to dream again because the dreaming seems truer than the waking does to the fullness of reality not as we have seen it, to be sure, but as by faith we trust it to be without seeing….Faith is the assurance that the best and holiest dream is true after all.” 

–From Listening to Your Life

May your best and holiest dream continue to unfold.