Snap Shot Series

I’m starting a Snap Shot series namely because I tend to write content that is too weighty, too serious and with a dearth of humor.

As it turns out, life is not always funny, or deeply meaningful, but sometimes it is and wouldn’t it be a shame to miss it?

I am writing these Snap Shots primarily for my parents and for my Granny. These remarkable human beings are from the golden era that still loves to read a good letter, and then take it along with them to share with the neighbors or friends over the Sunday special of chicken fried steak, smashed potatoes and fresh green beans at the local diner. The letter eventually finds its way back to the table next to the lazy boy chair and they’ll read it aloud a time or two more before mailing it along with a handwritten note to my sister or an aunt.

I hope you’ll enjoy these too and that you’ll be inspired to try your own hand at bringing to life an ordinary scene of your day while inviting your reader into the scene with full sensory detail.